Saturday, June 17, 2006

lets do our part

I saw "An Inconvenient Truth" last night, and I'll have to say Al Gore did a fine job, things were laid out clearly, easily understood, with not really any room for naysayers to claim that the recent showings are just part of the "natural cycle". While Gore did get a bit sentimental at times, and he is purportedly an SUV driving hypocrite, not to mention all the flying he does and claims that he's overhyping the situation, well I thought he was endearing, well informed and passionate without being over-zealous. Funny side note-I was reminded of this time when I met up with my friend Brenda and her dad for church and then lunch after, during the time of the 2000 election. Brenda's father, being a conservative evangelical Jesus freak type, went off trying to convince me that absolutely NO one who in any way supports abortion can be a Christian, and that Al Gore is a mongoloid. So I hope that people will see the doc., and hope that people like Brenda's father who clearly hates Gore, and corporate fucks, and complacent folks like my Dad who just thinks it'll blow over because thats waht Rush Limbaugh says, will use their brain just a little bit more for the common good, myself included.

After the movie my buddy Petra and I went to some artist's loft because her old roommate had some work up and there was to be some live music. At first it was just us two, and the dude that lived or worked in the space and his musician friend and some other chick. Then people start filtering in and between Petra and myself, we had some random connection with just about everyone there. One dude is engaged to an old friend and roommate that I lived with for three years, another I used to go to church with and he knew Petra's brother, another sang at Petra's brother's wedding and so on, it was kinda weird.

Betsy returns tonight after her 2 1/2 week stint in Europe, no more solitude for me, in fact I'm certain to get claustrophobic since our place will be even messier than it already is. But, only 2 weeks, then we move, and then I'll still be claustrophobic because I'm living with five people.

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