Wednesday, June 28, 2006

on fire

My Google horoscope for today....

"This is a day of extremes and your alternating swings between emotion and logic can become tiring, even for you. Mercury in expressive Leo is at odds with your stoic Taurus nature, so you may find situations developing that require you to stand up for your ideas. However, first make certain that your perspectives are valid enough to defend."


The blowout with Dan commenced last night around 10 p.m., and lasted a good 2 hours, after which I slammed a beer and chain smoked and had a bitch fest with Betsy. There was some serious yelling going on from all three of us, and I so rarely get so riled that I raise my voice I even shocked myself by how loud and angry I got. Betsy may have gone too far when she called Dan a sexist pig, she seriously lost it a couple times, but then he claimed that we were accusing him of being a sexual predator. Sexist pig and sexual predator, though sharing some commonality, are not the same thing. Since Betsy's friend goes to Dan's tango class, Betsy hears what Dan says, calling a woman's chest "titties", talking about how women are supposed to be submissive, being verbally and publicly humiliating to his girlfriend, scoffing with his other sexist pig friends about being "PC" and respecting women. Not to mention innapropriate comments to and about his tenants, sorry, but when your landlord, starts blabbering in conversation about how he hoped to rent to a stripper in the hopes that she might bring her hot stripper friends over, or how if he were 20 years younger he'd be "chasing so and so's tail" (another female tenant in the building), one might think he's a bit slimy and sexist, no? Not that I would ever seriously fear that Dan would make a move on any of us, but it's plain unprofessional and somewhat unnerving.

Anyways, of course he manipulated and twisted things around, talked about how he always tries to be kind and helpful, blah blah blah. How insulted he was that we wrote such "nasty" things to and about him, when all we were trying to do was point out the truth. The funniest part was when I read from the landlord and tenant rights manual the bit about our right to Privacy and how he's required to give notice except in case of emergency. Then he pulls out his manual, (the very same thing I had as if it's going to say something different) babbles about Mike Hatch, the author of the manual as though this is a personal friend of his who is going to be on his side, and then reads exactly what I read which clearly puts him in the wrong, and I was like yeah, I think Mike Hatch just might back me up on this one. Granted he did apologize to me for the way he talked to me, which was innapropriate, rude, and childish, and which prompted me to give a smart to his ego by writing down exactly why I think he's a shitty landlord. Instead of the civil and adult conversation we could have had, in which I tried to explain to him yet again why I felt it was asinine for him to ask us to pay more (likely because he knows I'm a pushover), and he would have manipulated it and not understood my point but made a valid point that I agreed to pay more, and I would have taken responsiblity for my lack of assertiveness and tried to end it in a civil comprimise. But no, it had to get ugly, although we did end it civily with a comprimise, and it felt good to get it all out and call his bullshit even if little of it did get through his feeble brain matter.

Whatever, soon we'll have washed our hands of him and won't have to deal with him again.

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