Wednesday, June 08, 2005

hot as balls

Hot, humid and stormy last night, although I slept like a babe through the stormy part, previously I was sitting on the porch at dusk enjoying a smoke and a glass of wine, noticing how everything was so lush and green, and the air felt so good as opposed to our steamy apartment. For a brief moment I was reminded of the Dominican, or maybe not the place necessarily but the feeling of engaged senses, when I was there, all my senses were alive and every emotion was felt it seemed all the time. Where "the girls" all met, although I wouldn't say our friendships really gelled until after we got back. You know how it is though, there is a certain quality in the air, the light diffuses a certain way, and you are present in the moment, alive and aware. The moment may be brief or long, alone or with friends or strangers, but you know that is how every moment should be felt if you are really living, that it is felt is enough, the beauty and/or the pain appreciated. I say I wish I could live all the time like that, but I don't know if I even have the capacity.

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