Wednesday, June 29, 2005

inevitable distraction

I have done minimal amount of work this morning, unless you count making personal copies on the office copier, ordering contacts, trying to tape my shoe that I broke during the barn dance, and messing around with my new cell phone, causing it to expel a loud chimp sound work. One of the nurses here calls me Shawn, since I have worked here for 3+ years, and she has certainly heard my name pronounced on at least a few occasions, one would think that she'd get it....not that I mind, I find it humorous actually, something that along with her bouffant hairstyle is endearing.

Speaking of bouffant hairstyles, Olivia and I had planned on wearing wigs once a week out and about. I'm concerned that this may not actually happen since we are often a lot of talk and not much action, and she is leaving in a couple months. Who else will wear a wig with me, perhaps Cassie....

Bummer about my shoe, the tape isn't really holding, I tried electical tape because the shoe is black, they are just cheap sandals from Target, but I almost feel more loss when I ruin something that I got for a bargain price because it was such a good deal. Perhaps I can find something on Ebay, or duct tape might work, or super glue.

I finished a book, "Loving Donovan" last night, it brought a tear to my eye. The book itself probably wasn't the best book I ever read, although I guess it did the trick since it evoked an emotional response. Its just that the storytelling was fragmented, like it delved into certain aspects of a character's life for a couple chapters, then would leave that character altogether, except for the 2 main characters. I suppose that was probably the point, but I was left wishing the characters had been fleshed out more. So there is my book review for the day.

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