Wednesday, June 15, 2005

why can't my power go out

so that I have a legitimate excuse for sleeping in and being late? Some people have all the luck. A nice rainy day today to laze about and sleep in. Even after having my glorious two days off I feel exhausted today, I suppose b/c I tried to be somewhat productive yesterday, cleaning (disinfecting the bike finally) did a little work, watched star wars episode II, assembled my antique brass stand, a jaunt to chipotle with roomie, well, when I condense it like that it doesn't sound like much, oh, I also went grocery shopping, these things add up ya know.

Someone got to my blog by googling partylite sucks. Well, I wouldn't disagree, I never was much of a fan of the various "party's", where your supposed to buy something, but I've never had a horrible time at one, and if people like the stuff (even if it is overpriced), then they should feel free to buy it. I haven't made much money from the endeavor, for various reasons, but I do have a bunch of candle stuff and an antique brass stand to show for it.

I did go see digable planets over the weekend, they put on a good show, and I was blessed with the company of my good friend Jenni. We drank responsibly, enjoyed the music, and were saddened by lack of diversity at the show (too many white people, and yes, I realize that I am a white person) I suppose my brother is right, hip hop is trendy. I haven't been trashed in fact, since Sally left, well, except for that time at the RD w/Olivia, yeah, yeah I know we vowed to not drink too much, we decided it was okay since it was just us girls.

I keep starting posts that might actually be interesting, then I give up on them, maybe soon I'll actually write something worth reading. Until then, I apologize...

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