Wednesday, June 22, 2005


and I'm not just talking weather, Matt did not dissapoint, his biceps and tattoo were displayed nicely by his ribbed white tank. For that I will forgive him for flat ironing my hair every time I get a cut lately, it just makes my hair look, well, flat.

I also observed yesterday my lack of ability to make intelligible sentences when I'm sober and talking to someone I don't know very well, magnified if the person is handsome (such as Matt). Seriously, I mix up syllables and stutter before I can get out something that makes any sort of sense, as usual I just decide that it comes off as endearing, and try not think I'm a moron.

I did indeed go shopping, and was treated to a "complimentarty lip makeover" by the "makeup artist" at Victoria Secret. No offense but she was in serious need of a tic tac, especially when you are going to be in someone's personal space to apply layers of lip stuff, she could also stand to tone down her makeup a tad. I almost never wear lipstick, if put anything on its usually a gloss, but I felt bad for her. I also began my search for a bathing suit....not entirely horrifying, but I can't wear anything that exposes my belly, I'm too self concious, and I prefer the tankini to a one piece. My only store option is JC Penny's b/c I have a gift card there and I'm otherwise broke, but they had limited tankini options unfortunately, if only I had a nicely toned stomach, I would even settle for flabby if it was distributed nicely, but alas, too much beer does not a flat belly make...

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