Thursday, June 02, 2005

I can't begin

to describe how frustrated I am right now. I just got a call from some lady regarding a PLUS loan my father took out for me for my college education. The only reason I had to ask him to take out the loan was because he had made a shitload more money my last year of school and my financial aid was cut drastically, so it was either I drop out my senior year, or ask him to take out a loan for me for somewhere in the neighborhood of five grand. Apparently it is delinquit and has been since Oct. so he asked the loan lady to call me and see if I can make payments on it. Why he can't ask me himself is unclear to me. Okay, in case you think I'm being a whiny little brat, keep in mind that he and I talked about this months ago, in Oct. or Nov. in fact, and he told me that he was able to make the payments and it was all fine. So now I get hit with this out of the blue, I'm already struggling paycheck to paycheck and besides the regular payment I'm supposed to start paying off over $500 worth of back payments. Clearly this has made my fucking day just that much better. I suppose I'm going to get some lecture about how I'm financially irresponsible, or I should get a higher paying job, or I shouldn't have gone to private school. Sometimes I hate my life. I just don't understand why this has been let go that long and no one has talked to me about it.

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