Thursday, June 23, 2005

so I heard

from the Americorps lady, she called a few minutes ago. Unfortunately she is looking for someone to start in July/August, which I can't do, and it would have been so perfect b/c she wants someone to engage children with art, so I would be working with someone else to develop a youth oriented program, but the good news is that she seemed pretty willing to hire me w/o an interview or anything, and said that we should keep in touch. I'm more looking for something in the spring of next year, so I can attempt to save up some money, and try to get as debt free as possible.

As I mentioned previously, I'm trying to pick up as many hours as I can to earn some extra cash, so I'm finding my time being sucked away by work, which is sad to me, I prefer to work as little as possible. So I'm picking up some extra admin. responsibility at Jenny's church, in addition to being her assistant, when I'd prefer to be outdoors enjoying my summer. I just have to focus on my time in California, no agenda, no work, only sun and play. So many things to look forward to; Fuj is visiting in July, CA, the return of the prodigal Cassie in august....

Well, good grief, I should just not even start with Ebay, I think I'm just going to browse for minute, which as anyone who loves Ebay (who doesn't) knows just isn't going to happen.

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