Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I'm actually very virginal and prudish, despite my posts of late...don't want to give anyone the wrong impression of me.

Speaking of impressions...I sometimes forget that this thing (blog) is public and hell, people other than those I tell about it can come across it, since it isn't exactly anonymous, and write about my friends and my city. Anyways, I don't particularly mind someone that I don't know or haven't met or am unlikely to meet from some random part of the country or world reading this, or my friends either, but the thought that some random person in Mpls might come across this is embarrassing. Do you know how small this city is? well, it is. I envision someone reading this, thinking "OMG I know that girl, she's hangs out at such and such and she is beyond weird, I'm going to tell all my friends and we will laugh at her, not with her." So there it is, my insecurity brought out to the light, if any random Mpls/St. Paul dweller reads this, please don't make fun of me, I have a fragile ego, you can think I'm a huge nerd but please keep it to yourself.

I pray to God that I never have to pass a kidney stone.

Fujalicious had to cancel her plan to come tonight, I'm a little sad, but hopefully I'll see her soon over New years. Awww, we were going to stitch and bitch together, darn it.

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