Sunday, December 18, 2005

knitting vs. crocheting

Still no word on my bro, he's supposed to work tomorrow though and my mother is keeping me posted. So..still a bit concerned but at this point there isn't much to be done, so just waiting for more info.

On a lighter note I'll share a funny (hopefully not only to me) anecdote from the other night. Roomate Betsy has been a loyal patron of a local establishment and enjoys the band that has the regular friday night gig there. I've had an open invintation to accomany her and finally had the chance to go the other night. She and I, bundled up and flask full of Jim Beam in hand, braved the elements for the oh, about 8 block walk. Upon arrival we find out that Truth isn't playing, Betsy is sad. She calls the ex who is a block away, we decide to join him. He and a regular at my local shop (they; Betsy, ex and regular, all went to college together) are chillin', I'm a bit tipsy from an empty stomach and shots of beam, and excited to be hanging out with a fellow regular outside the coffee shop realm. We all chat a bit, ex leaves, and we decide to head home, since regular is going to local shop he offers us a ride, and on the way we see even more regulars at a local bar outside smoking. I suggest we join them, which we do, though only one regular stays (so now its me, Betsy, and 2 regulars, confusing I know). Betsy is sans id, which is lost within the depths of her room apparently, so we leave shortly after arriving, and go to none other than the local shop. OK, this is the funny part, I'm tipsy, I'm excited to be hanging out with 2 regulars outside the local shop, Betsy and I start discussing a post New years party we are planning on having and how it is top priority to have cute boys there. I say, "Yeah, we are totally going to get laid by some hot guys" rather loudly. She agrees, adding that said hot males will read really good books, and of course this is very funny to us. Mind you, when I'm at the local shop I'm basically a loner, sitting in the corner keeping to myself with the occasional chat with a select few regulars, so I'm guessing my little comment came off as a bit shocking, even though I basically just like to use the term (or phrase?) "getting laid" at any opportunity since I like it so much, I mean, of course I wouldn't plan a party solely in the hopes that I might get some (would I?).

I sure hope that was funny.

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