Monday, December 12, 2005

support what?

I just got an email asking to support the smoking ban from a co-worker, apparently they are considering "scaling back" the ban in Henn. cty. At first I thought, alright, maybe they will allow smoking in bars again, but after putting my coat on after an evening in smoky Costello's in St. Paul, it is pretty disgusting to smell of stale smoke. I actually like the ban, but I won't be opposed to letting bars that have more sales in liquor allow smoking, like in St. Paul.

It's balmy out today.

I think I'm going to join a choir that one of the nurses belongs to at some church, she seems pretty excited by the idea of me joining anyways. It's just an informal thing, so I think it would be fun, and maybe there will be hot choir boys in it. Nothing turns me on more than a guy with a lovely voice who likes to sing sacred music.

I have a lot going on this week, I'll be missing the amazing race finale (I know, I know) tomorrow to go to the Guthrie and ses A Christmas Carol, wed. night going to First Ave., thur. is book club, which I still have to read the book, good grief. I'd like to go to the Turf Club tomorrow night after the play too, hmmm, it's not like I really need a good nights sleep to function, right?

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