Thursday, December 15, 2005

way to go

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There's the Jayhawks (taken on my shitty phone camera) at first ave. (aren't they hot?) for their 35th anniversary celebration. Overall the night was great, although there was something like 8 bands in the main room and so they only each played maybe four songs. They also played some incredibly hot footage of Prince between bands. I was supposed to go with my ol' buddy Dan, but apparently he was arrested and shackled the previous evening for driving without a license and his car was impounded. I'm truly sorry for his misfortune, but when he was telling me about his night in the slammer I couldn't help but laugh. So Betsy and her friend met up with me later, I was already two giant Corona's toward drunk and had just been offered a third by some guy who said I was awesome and called me a monkey (apparently a compliment), which I don't think pleased his girlfriend much. Way to go first ave. you are dirty and you have a distinct odor (wouldn't have it any other way), but you can sure put on a good show, happy anniversary.

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