Thursday, December 22, 2005

feline love/hate

My very own cat will be fat and lazy, I will not get a frisky kitten, or a spry young thing, I will search for a cat that moves only to eat and use the facilities, one that will be affectionate and share its blubber induced warmth with me on a cold winter's night. I have grown fond of George and Lucy, having shared space with them for a few months now. They, however, are energetic and consequently destructive, they have been known to destroy plants within minutes, pee in my laundry basket of clean clothes on more than one occasion, vomit on the floor, claw holes in clothing or other fabric items, chew on shoes or anything chewable, scratch annoyingly on plastic in the middle of the night... Lucy's blank stare is starting to look less innocent, I in fact wonder if she is holding some sort of grudge against me, and I'm finding it difficult to reason with a cat. Will I miss them when our time is through and they leave to live with Olivia's mother?? As that time draws near, I ponder these things in my heart, and my feelings are conflicting and confusing. I know I have at least learned from our relationship, keep things out of reach, get plants with sturdy leaves, etc., and for that I am grateful.

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