Wednesday, December 14, 2005

to look or not to look

Since I missed the Amazing Race last night for a free ticket to see A Christmas Carol at the I see who won now? or should I wait until I have a chance to watch it, which may not be for a few days?? The making me uncomfortable.

The play was rather enjoyable, it was "girls night out" for some of the church employees (my part time job), since I don't actually go to that church I don't know most of the people there. It was nice to spend some time with Jenny P., it's fun that we can still hang out and get all giggly like in the olden days. We went out to eat and I chuckled quietly to myself while overhearing a plot being formed by two of the women to evangelize the parents of her son's playmate, and just the basic concern of "are they Christian?" to which was the reply "I think they claim to be" implying that they don't REALLY live the "Christian" lifestyle, but of course they are still very nice people. Ha, if they had any knowledge of mine or Jenny's lifestyle (hers was waay more sordid than mine, but she recently has settled down), well, it'd be interesting to see their reaction. I wish I had the balls to slip in some inappropriate banter into smalltalk for entertainment purposes whilst sober and with church folk, but my inappropriateness usually only happens when I'm drunk. In any case, there's nothing like some Dickens, carol's, and a hilarious fake dog (I NEED one!) to spark an inkling of Christmas spirit, which quickly fizzled. However, as it is meant to do, it did make me feel as though I lack enough regard for the poor. It also put me in the mood to watch Little Women.

I've received advice from a couple people to try to seduce my crush, consequently "stealing" him from his new gal...and I see a few problems with this as follows:
1. I don't think I have the confidence or knowhow to attempt such an endeavor, resulting likely in humiliation without the desired result.
2. Though I'm fairly certain they have only been dating a month or two, I would feel bad chasing after someone's boyfriend, and
3. If he was interested in me in "that way" I think I'd know it by now.
It isn't like I'm devastated or anything. It's often just fun and distracting to have a crush (overanalyzing any look or conversation, getting all nervous and blushy, a reason to not look like a slob). I mean, I barely know the guy, though of course we could be deliriously happy if given the chance. Really though, I'm happy that he's getting some action, and I wish them the best (until he realizes she's lame and dumps her for me). Perhaps I'm sickly addicted to rejection, I mean, there's plenty of old men who want to get in my pants, but yet I pine for those who are unavailable or uninterested.

They are doing a trial period of scaling back the smoking ban in Mpls., interesting....

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