Saturday, December 17, 2005


That's me, I'm a procrastinate, always have been, always will be I imagine. You know, the kind of person who will take the day off to finish the paper or project that was due that morning or afternoon. I gotta shop tomorrow, fing christmas, depletes me of my time and money buying uneeded things for people that don't need anything really, but I do like to receive nonetheless.

My mother called this afternoon, leaving only a message of "call me back ok" so I knew it was something. I was tipsy off a couple bloody's (still am) and apparently my brother is missing, as in he "borrowed" her truck and hasn't returned it since last night, she was hoping I had heard from him, which I haven't. Right now I'm kinda like, this is nothing unusual, he'll show up eventually, and a slight part of me is concerned. I think my brother and I are a lot alike, except that I managed to somehow stay out of trouble, but could easily see myself being unstable like he is, if I had been apart of the right circumstances. Well, I'm hoping no news is good news.

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