Sunday, December 04, 2005

"thank you for persevering"

That's what one of the nurses said to me last night at our office Christmas party. I wasn't really sure what she meant by that, persevering where? at work? my job isn't all that strenuous so that's no big deal, at the party? I guess I did get a bit lost on the way, but I quickly got on the correct route again, once again, not a big deal. In any case it was kind of her to say. I was actually being half hugged left and right and apparently my presence was appreciated since I was told as much more than once. Maybe I appear love deprived, so they were trying to make it up to me, who knows? The big boss's daughter (who works with us too) and I were like giggly schoolgirls, sharing dirty jokes and poking harmless fun at certain individuals. She's 20, so I threw in the "in my generation", into our conversation which I was quite pleased with. AND, I actually won something for once, a $25 gift certificate to the grocery store, I was so excited, I raised a fist in triumph. My experimental cake didn't turn out as great as I hoped, but it did look rather festive, I think I made myself sick prior by eating too much cake batter and cream cheese frosting.

I feel rejuvenated today, I slept until like 10:30 and had a pretty relaxing sunday, but soon I must depart to sing with the instant choir at church, where I feel inadequate with all those other vocally trained singers. My crush is looking rather handsome today, hmmmm.

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