Friday, December 16, 2005

what the

I was blocked by a bright yellow hummer this morning while trying to cross the parking lot as a pedestrian, something tells me that they were unconcerned about pedestrians. Why why why do people drive around in hummers to go about their everyday lives??, it is so beyond ridiculous.

Like many I'm feeling rather downtrodden regarding the upcoming holiday and need to buy gifts. Reviewal of my budget tells me that I shouldn't attempt to go to Chicago for New Years, but since when did I care about my budget and being responsible. If I get feedback that my presence there is desired (ahem), I will likely pony up, if not then I will be sad and forlorn in Mpls since all my friends seem to be going to Chicago (and will save money). Not that I have issue with ringing in the new year alone, I am my own party.

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