Thursday, January 12, 2006

best of

Per request I'll share a little anecdote from my youth, let's go all the way back to kidnergarten. Imagine me at 5 years old; chubby, shy, disheveled, my only friends thus far having been farm animals...but, I could draw a really good bird. I may have made a friend or two on the bus, another girl with the same name as me, and Sonya, who I approached and asked to be my friend (she agreed), but alas we were not in the same class. Anyways, as the year went on my social skills didn't exactly improve, I vaguely remember once instance when I played with a boy named Anthony, but beyond that I was alone. At the end of the year our Teacher gave everyone a prize to highlight something that we were good at, and of course she had to give one to everybody. Yes, I got the prize "Best able to play by myself", I was praised for my incredible ability to busy myself despite a lack of friends.

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