Wednesday, January 18, 2006

well, I guess some people have fulfilling jobs

Betsy and I were chatting the other day, she was lamenting about going further into debt and not having a fulfilling job. I almost scoffed, thinking who in their post liberal arts college 20's has a fulfilling job?, especially those of us with degrees in the arts (hers in Literature). So her parents want her to move home and go back to school, tell her that she's wasting her time, blah, blah. I feel bad for her, her mother is an engineer. Frankly I think she has a fulfilling job(s), she works with kids, she tutors, she just got a job at a bookstore, all those sound like desireable jobs to me, though they don't pay all that well. Then again I have a penchant for mediocrity, so just about anything other than what I'm doing sounds fine to me. Or I could compare myself to peers that actually do impressive things with themselves and get really depressed. I prefer to slog through my days and drink my cares away.

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