Wednesday, January 25, 2006

in my pocket?

When I had to have my car towed, almost 3 weeks ago, I wrote a check. This check has not yet been cashed, I have hope that they lost it and it's just money in my pocket. Watch me spend it and then they cash it months later and I lose hundreds in overdraft fees, and I'll be forced to either be homeless and panhandle or move in with my mother.

I'm afraid I've gotten hooked on the reality show "beauty and the geek" which is on tonight after another favorite, "one tree hill". Both fine examples of high quality television of which I'm not ashamed to indulge. I almost made it to work on time today (8:12!), so I can leave with ample time to do my other work, pick up cat litter, and head home for an exhilirating evening of TV.

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