Thursday, January 12, 2006


I feel like I just had a minor stroke, as in I feel nauseous, have a headache, couldn't see well for a short time, and my right hand and arm went numb. I've since regained eyesight and feeling in my fingers, and I just took some non-aspirin and waiting to see if that helps. I'm thinking I will leave early and go lay down.

On top of that I'm listening to VH1 radio, I love the 90's, and bringing back those memories of adolescence and High School. I was by no means popular, but I don't despise my high school experience. I may have been nerdy, but I wasn't ridiculed, I was too much of a wallflower to be ridiculed, I moreso went unnoticed. I definitely would go to the next reunion, I'm sure many are married with children, I know many didn't leave Owatonna, including most of my good friends from back then, to each their own I guess.

It is really difficult to find long, brown boot laces.

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