Thursday, January 26, 2006

isn't that sweet

50 Cent and Mobb Deep got tatoos to show their loyatlty to each other, but what if they have beef down the line, then they have tatoos to painfully remind them of what once was.

I was chatting with my coffee shop buddy last night, who is a musician, and he seems to think that I could have a good voice based on my speaking voice, perhaps I really do have untapped vocal talent. I have always wanted to be a rocker chick, but Cassie fits that role so much better since she's bad-ass and drums, I'm too shy and naive.

The weather is so springlike today, looking forward to the day when it is safely spring, and we can sit outside and drink beer with the sun beating down on us, grill and drink beer, read in the sun and drink beer, etc. etc.

Does anyone else feel bad for James Frey? How humiliating must that be to be called out like that on a national level, and I loved his book. Of course now the book doesn't pack the same punch. I wonder if he was sitting with Oprah that first time and thinking, "oh shit, I could potentially be in deep here." It took some balls to go back on her show though. Hmm, I don't know what to think about it, in one sense I feel like I've been duped and part of me feels bad for the guy for having such a high and low in a short period of time. It could potentially push him into using again, I know I'd sure like a stiff drink or ten after something like that.

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