Sunday, January 08, 2006

most recent near death experience

My adventure filled weekend proceeded thusly...
Friday night I get home from work, read a bit, then hop in my car to go to Cassie's as we had plans to hit up a couple art openings. I'm driving along on the freeway and my car loses battery power, this poses a problem because there is no shoulder and I didn't make it to the exit ramp. So I'm stalled in a lane of traffic, it's dark, I have my flashers on but cars are coming at me fast, several near accidents, and one actual accident (not serious) occurs, it was a bit unnerving though the police came to my aid pretty quickly. I felt bad being the cause of all that trouble. Anywho, I get my car towed to the shop, Cassie picks me up and we are on our way. We go to meet up with Jenni at her place since the first gallery is in her building, the show is over but we head down to see if there is still anyone milling around, nope, but the door was unlocked so we sneaked around and looked at the art. We chill at Jenni's for a bit before heading to our next destination in Northeast. The next show was still going strong by the time we get there at 11, I was warmly greeted by the gallery owner with a hug, I felt special. Another gallery down the street was open too, so we checked that out, made pals with the owner, his brother and his buddy. We all ponder over to the bar down the street which had been fairly recently bought out and refubished from a total dive (and I'm talking real dive, not a trendy dive like the Dragon), to a pretty hip place. We enjoyed the company of our new artsy friends, marvelled at the change in atmosphere of the bar (we had all gone once while it was in its divish state trying to find a Nikki's replacement), and danced to some Stones (beast of burden, in your honor Olivia).

Yesterday was bridal shower and bachelorette pary extravaganza for my oldest and dearest friend Jenny P., who though she had been in an irritable state with me the previous evening (due to my car issues), was in a better mood when she picked me up. I saw a bunch of folk I haven't seen in years at the shower, and actually won a prize. Jenny and I differ in taste and lifestyle, which is why we aren't as close as we once were, she prefers the subarbs and cheesy country music, I stick to the city and good music. So her idea of fun for the evening was to go to a bar in a southern 'burb, dress up in prom dresses and dance to a cover band. Honestly I thought I wasn't exactly looking forward to it and figured I'd probably end up sitting alone in the corner, chain smoking. I was dog tired, but I got a little dressed up in my old prom dress (not really formal, just a simple black number), tights and my sexy boots. I caught my second wind and actually had a decent time, we brought Peter Pecker, the blow up doll with an erect penis along, so that in and of itself made the evening entertaining and worthwhile. And I was totally productive this morning and did some thorough cleansing of the apartment.

For from New Years, I'm too lazy right now to deal with them.