Tuesday, January 24, 2006

follow your heart

Choir wasn't as fun as I had hoped, I don't like the song and I was by far the youngest person there, there may have been a couple people in their 30's but most are geriatric, so my fantasy of meeting a sexy choir boy will not come to fruition. I'll try and stick it out though, at the very least there are treats every week.

I'm really trying to work on being on time to work, but I'm still about 20 minutes late each morning. I'm so rude to people here, as in I'm irritable, and I don't try to hide it. So now I'm trying to be nice to this lady on the phone when before I was clearly annoyed because I have to explain things five times, but she continues to be kind towards me so I'm trying to adjust my attitude. Why do I get more irritated with someone when they ask me to do something for them nicely, I don't know really, but it really grates on me when someone comes over all sugar sweet, I think I find it condescending.

Hmm, look at me consistently writing about how irritated I get with my job, yet do I do anything about, no. I'm so lame sometimes.

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