Monday, January 02, 2006

a new year, a new deductible

Possible and popular New Years Resolutions that I could choose to give a go at.

1. Excercise regularly: Unfortunately my health insurance (from a healthcare facility) doesn't participate in the reimbursment program at the gym. When I inquired as to why, the reponse was that it cost too much money. This almost makes me want to get obese and acquire heart disease and diabetes just to show them how much it could cost otherwise. In any case I am pondering joining a real gym, not the thing they call a gym here at the hospital.

2. Quit smoking: A couple friends claim that they are going to quit smoking. Having seen first hand the lack of self control we all have, especially when we all get together and have a few drinks, I won't hold my breath. I myself haven't made this resolution, in fact I'll step outside for a smoke as soon as I'm done writing this, but, it will be the first of the day (8 p.m.ish).

3. Stop being mean to George: I don't severely abuse the cat, but I often tell him to shut up, and I may toss him a few feet, but he's a cat, he lands on his feet. Clearly it is ineffective since he continues to be annoying.

4. Exude creativity: I've got paper, paints, an easel, pencils, charcoal, ink, other miscellaneous odds and ends, I can at least lay down some paint and see what shows up.

5. Organize my space: My room has been in a state of dissarray since I switched rooms, I need to stop putting it off (but I've really been busy, honest).

6. Become self-aware and experience enlightenment: By the year 2007, I plan to know myself completely and be entirely spiritually in tune.

I had a fantastic New Year's in Chicago, wonderful and gracious hosts, plenty of hearty laughter, good music, food, booze, and fellowship. My only complaint was the time spent there was too short. Pictures of debauchery coming soon.

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