Monday, January 23, 2006

I wanna be sedated

Tonight is my first night of choir. Those of you that have heard me sing may be wondering why I would subject a choir to my vocal err...talents. Well, I actually have decent pitch and and can blend well in a choir, it's when I sing by myself that there is a problem, though I have sang a couple of duets in my day with my old friend Julia such as the Star Spangled Banner during HS sporting events. Anyways, I've always enjoyed choir so I'm excited to have a casual weekly time of singing sacred choral music.

I just read today that scientists are working on making cultured meat. They take cells from an animal, "culture" them, and can enhance the meat with various nutrients, saving the animals from poor and inhumane farming conditions, as well as making the meat healthier, AND helping to relieve starvation. Interesting.

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