Tuesday, February 21, 2006

brief update/rant variety

So, apparently if our landlord gives us one month notice, he can kick us out since we are on a month to month lease. He's still a dick, he even said that we are better tenants than those girls, but they are signing a year lease, so they get the room. I just think of all the things Olivia and I let slide and could've reported him for and it pisses me off, Betsy has helped him a lot as well, even if only to listen to him talk nonsense. What irks me the most is that he keeps making shit up about what was said or agreed upon, according to him Betsy and I said things that we never said, and he keeps changing his story. I wish we could stay legally just to stick it to him, but I'm afraid if we are going to try to stay we have to negotiate. Betsy was planning on possibly moving out end of May anyways I guess so we are going to see if that is feasible.

Thing is I still want to move out east, though since I was told how stupid it would be for me to cash out my retirement that means I have at least a few more months before my credit card debt is clear, and I should attempt to clean up my credit, and also save. So as much as I don't want to be locked into another lease here, it would probably be to my benefit to just stick around and get more financially stable.

I have to get a new rim for my tire, and the cat peed on my bed yesterday. Alright, that is enough ranting for today.

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