Friday, February 24, 2006

would you?

In the words of Jeff Probst, Sally totally "dominated" that challenge last night, she was zipping around on that balance beam like a cat in heat who has just spied a potential mate (sorry, Lucy's horny howls are still disrupting my slumber). That was quite the tribal counsel though, we were pretty confident that it would be Ruth Marie, but still, it was a bit nervewracking. We were pondering the question how much money it would take for us to consider it worth it to be on Survivor, minimum was 10 grand. My wonderful co-worker Angela (whom I dearly love despite our differences) claims she wouldn't be on it even if she won the million, it wouldn't be worth it for her to starve and not sleep, this doesn't surprise me since she barely even leaves her apartment. Anyways, one week closer to those pancakes.

I myself was on TV last night, the local news came to our staff meeting yesterday because co-worker Stef's brother was in Iraq and our office sent his unit several care packages, so he came to our meeting to do a little show and tell about his time spent there. I had mixed feelings, being that I'm not thrilled about the war, yet seeing and hearing about these young men that are there and so dedicated to the effort, interesting to hear about it from a first hand source. In any case, I'm amongst the crowd of nurses and you could see me if held a magnifying glass up to the screen.

I accidentally washed Betsy's phone in wash machine while trying to be helpful, see, Lucy has this peeing issue and if you leave an article of clothing lying around, she will pee on it, like she did Betsy's vest. After discovering what had occurred, I promptly put it in the wash without checking the pockets, like the moron that I can often be. She's so great though, she was completely cool about it, what a good roommate I have. I'm taking Lucy to the vet tomorrow so hopefully her bladder issues will be remedied.

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