Thursday, February 02, 2006

whatchu lookin' at?

dirty kitchen
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There is possibility of vermin in our apartment. I have not yet seen any vermin, but the cats stare steadily under the fridge or stove or up at the pantry, just sitting...watching...I peered underneath, trying to shine a flashlight so to see if I could spy some beady little eyes or a hairless tail, but I couldn't see all the way to the back.

The possibility of vermin does not surprise me...take note of the grossness that is our kitchen (and yes, that is our kitchen it is that small). Recycling will pile up for days, floor is consistently unswept, dishes may be washed but you'd be lucky to find a wiped down surface. Betsy is good about washing the dishes, but other than that any cleaning is usually done by me, and it isn't any secret that I'm not very tidy. Critters can feast in our home for days, maybe it will cozy up in my bed with me. Ahhh, I just recalled the time when Olivia and I had a mouse and it peed on her bed. Oh, and the time the bat fell on my wrist, and when I kicked the mouse accidentally when I lived with my brother and that other guy. Can there be a new little creature to run screaming from and be completely disgusted by, a new vermin to share our humble home with? Lets hope not.

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