Wednesday, February 22, 2006

well, that sucks

In miscalculating how much money I had in my checking account, I just have discovered that I've overdrawn my account...a lot, I'm pretty sure that talking to a banker will get me absolutely nowhere, but heck, I'll give it my best shot. I also love how they always cash the highest amounts first and act like it is for your benefit when really it's so they can fuck you more. Eureka! I may get somewhere, turns out my savings account that I specifically set up for overdraft protection somehow did not get linked, she's "looking into it" right now. Hot Dog, I got fees reversed, yipee!, my heart can now return to it's previously lowered rate. I don't know MS flava, the way I handle money, as well as the likeliness that I won't be marrying any sugar daddies, it may be in my best interest to keep my 401k around and gaining interest.

In all my ranting yesterday I forgot to mention that it was Olivia's birthday, Happy Birthday Olivia! AND I just received news that my friend and Partylite compadre Erica just gave birth to a baby girl.

Betsy and I are meeting with our landlord tonight, even if we are unsuccessful in the end, I want him to know that we felt like we were treated unfairly especially since we are really good tenants.

I'm tired, Lucy (the cat) has been keeping me awake due to her being horny and expressing it vocally in the wee hours of the night. You really should get her fixed Olivia.

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