Monday, February 20, 2006

getting the boot

Down the hall from Betsy and I live 2 trim and cute gals, they share the studio apartment. They seem to do laundry nonstop (probably from changing their cute little hipster outfits 3-4x/day), come off a bit snobby (at least one does), and now have bitched to the point that Betsy may be getting the boot, and me along with her. Their beef is nothing personal against Betsy, especially since I don't think either of us has said more than 5 words to them in the past few months. My landlord told me in passing yesterday, "I'm going to be needing Betsy's room end of March". See, apparently our landlord promised them Betsy's room to be available for April. Betsy's room is by itself across the hall from the rest of our apartment which is why they can take the room and essentially tack it on to their apartment. After I processed this information, I got a little pissed, and in talking to Betsy (also pissed) we concluded there has been some discrepancy in verbal agreements between our dear landlord and his tenants. Discrepancy's and other fun facts are as follows:

a.) When Betsy first moved in, she and landlord agreed that she would only stay until the end of January because the other girls wanted the room. Betsy said that they were offered the room 2 times and refused each time, after which landlord told her to stay as long as she wanted and she said she wanted to stay until the summer.

b.) I told landlord that I had applied for a job and might possibly move in March. Never did I say it was a set in stone deal, apparently he took it as such and went with it.

c.) I figure since the girls refused the room twice, they are now exempt from having choice on if/when they get the room.

d.) They were the ones that decided to share an overpriced studio apartment.

e.) The reason the bitching started is b/c landlord asked for extra money for the higher heating costs (we all knew of the added cost), I overheard the part of the bitching where she was saying that they were promised Betsy's room. Neither Betsy or I bitched about the extra heating cost, nor do we constantly do laundry using hot water (likely the reason for the incredibly high heating bill), we are clearly much better tenants....with an idiot landlord.

f.) I like Betsy and even though she is disgustingly messy, she's become not only a roomate but a friend.

g.) It is a pain in the ass to move, and I would like to avoid it if possible, but I might just on principle since our landlord is clearly moronic.

So Betsy is going to have a little talk with our landlord, unfortunately I don't know if we have any legal ground to stand on but we might, pretty much everything has been verbal, not written down. It is really irritating because he is stupid, as in he doesn't listen, nor does he communicate well. Our problem is we don't bitch enough, so we get the shaft, we need to get our bitch on.

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