Monday, February 20, 2006

update: landlord idiocy continues

I just talked to my landlord to hopefully gain clarification, but am only more confused. Of course his and Betsy's stories don't match up, he claims she told him she'd be out end of March. Betsy says she specifically asked him in January (after she was told she can stay) if he wanted her to move out and he said no, whereas he tells me that the girls always wanted the room, so then why the hell didn't he ask Betsy to leave when she offered. He's going to try to talk to Betsy tonight so maybe things will be worked out then. I feel like Betsy is getting a raw deal, and I tried to defend our case but I wasn't there when they were talking terms so I can't say that I know such and such was said, only Betsy can do that. And yes, I should comb over my lease to see if I have any leverage there.

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