Monday, February 13, 2006

crisis averted

Breathing a sigh of relief at thwarting potentially really bad things happening to my checking account, surely rendering me homeless, thankfully, I will remain with home for at least the time being.

Oh yes, tomorrow is Valentine's day. I have a sultry date with my television, who will display a fresh episode of Gilmore Girls for me, after that we may get the DVD player involved and watch old episodes of Gilmore Girls, or maybe even a movie, the remote and I will get all snuggly and drink tea.

Cassie and I finished another movie off in our movie rampage, yesterday we ticked the Narnia movie off our list, then played a resounding game of skeeball (Big Buck Hunter having already been occupied). Even though I'm no longer a Christian I did enjoy the movie, I just tried to ignore the Biblical overtones.

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