Wednesday, February 01, 2006

uh, who stole my cheese?

Granted, I stole the cheese in the first place, BUT only b/c the fridge was being cleaned out and had thrown the cheese (string cheese, perfect for snacking) in the garbage b/c it was maybe a week beyond it's sell by date, obviously still acceptable to be eaten in my book. So I plucked the cheese from the garbage (it was wrapped in plastic, so not as disgusting as it sounds). Now, the cheese is gone, who took it? If it was the original owner, fine, even though if it wasn't for me that cheese would be rotting away in some trash heap.

My eye hurts (another stroke coming on?), my car died again, and now this...the cheese I stole has been stolen.

I went to hear Camille Paglia do a book reading a.k.a. ranting about whatever she felt like last night. It was quite the entertainment, and now I want to be a genius, or at least actively learn more, or at least read more (poetry amongst other things).
However, this event did require me to miss the State of the Union Address, and since I'm not much into politics, I don't think (according to the rapper I saw at First Ave. on Sat.), therefore stunting the growth of my potentially genius brain. Oh well.

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