Tuesday, February 07, 2006

if it's not one thing, it's another

Finally reunited with the latest Fiona album, I forgot to bring it to work today in my haste to catch the bus, it is a recent addition to my collection so we are in the honey moon phase in which I want to listen to it on repeat. Angsty, just what I need.

My taxes are confusing me this year due to stupid Partylite. I did not make a significant amount of income from it at all, so do I even need to include it? I have no idea, any accountants out there that want to offer free tax advice?

Well, I did a little sketching last night here at the local shop, trying to, dare I say it, solidify an idea for a painting. Yes, I have a goal people, I should just keep my mouth shut so I don't get held up to it. This is why I always hesitate to share my goals, for fear that somewhere down the line someone will be like, "hey, weren't you going to start that llama and camel farm in the rocky mountains by August of '05", and then I have to be like "uh yeah, it just didn't work out", when really I was just lazy and afraid of change. Anyways, there is this very not a big deal annual art show at a local church that if I get motivated I could submit a painting to, so that is my goal.

Finally saw Brokeback Mountain over the weekend (as well as Purple Rain which was the midnight movie). Quite enjoyed it, brought some thoughts to the surface about lack of ability to share emotion, Ennis reminded me a bit of my father, his difficulty in sharing emotion (not his being gay, though who really knows I guess my dad could be in the closet), and my dad has always wanted to be some cowboy/rancher type out west. Maybe its because I'm never up with current events, but I'm also surprised that there hasn't been more controversy surrounding the film from religious folk, though like I say, maybe I just haven't been paying attention.

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