Thursday, February 23, 2006


He's a quirky one, that landlord of ours. Betsy's friend Sinda takes Tango lessons from our Dan (the landlord), so she knows him better than Betsy or I and was giving Betsy tips on how best to deal with him. Unfortunately he shuts down when he feels attacked, so we had to go the "stroke his ego" route, so instead of telling him off our first plan was to be nice. Sinda also emphasized the fact that he has a brain comparable to the size of a Dinosaur's. I was to the point where I was okay with the prospect of moving, but Betsy wants to finish out the school year at her job with the Y so she was planning on staying through May, then likely moving back to California after that, so it would be incredibly inconvenient for her to move twice in 2 months. So our proposal was that we would be allowed to stay until the end of May, after which the girls could take our apartment. We included the girls in our discussion and they are discussing it and will get back to us by tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure they'll go for it. They aren't as snooty as I made them out to be, and Betsy and I figured Dan just promised them the room thinking I would be leaving and then when I wasn't decided it would be better to screw us over since they are signing a new lease and we aren't (and he's a pervert and they are cuter than we are), but they seemed 90% okay with the idea and said it wasn't their intention to kick us out. I still have to move end of May but I'll deal with that later. Betsy and I agreed we will miss each other, she suggested I move to San Francisco with her.

Haha, I also found out that Dan thinks I'm a lesbian, because I'm "cute enough" to get a guy to date me, so why do I not have a significant other? Clearly it's because I'm attracted to women and I don't even know it yet. That is what he told Betsy when he dragged her on some excursion to deliver a subpeona for him (also weird), she wasn't supposed to tell me but she was tipsy. Actually, I think most of the guys at the coffee shop think I'm a lesbian too, because I'm often alone, or with a gal pal, but really I'm just a loner.

I got a decent night sleep, Lucy is still horny but I noticed that she was mostly perched on top of the chair looking out the window to call out to her lover, so I closed the curtains and that seemed to help. The only one she can try to hook up with in the apartment is George, and he's a dud in the sack.

Bummer, Common is going to be at first ave. tonight, sadly I cannot afford to go. Why couldn't he come next week after I've gotten my tax refund, because the world is against me, that's why.

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