Sunday, January 28, 2007


So we're having a bit of a cold snap here in MN, and the furnace broke yesterday, and apparently the part to fix it cannot be obtained until tomorrow. It seems odd that a furnace can't be fixed on a Saturday, especially when it is as cold as it is. The landlord gave us a couple space heater, which, in our quite large apartment really doesn't warm up the place, I selfishly snatched one for my room last night though and my room was pretty toasty, and tonight I'm going to steal, I mean borrow a couple from work.

Our party was a smashing success, tons of people made an appearance (but not too many), we had lots of yummy food, nifty decorations, everyone was cool except for our neighbor who turned out to be creepy, people dressed up appropriately for the theme, Betsy and Kathleen arranged a sweet mix. Frankly I'm not confident that it can be topped, but I'm sure we'll try.

My affection for Lance continues to grow as I get to know him, he is super nice and very willing to help out which I very much appreciate, he's a good man.

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