Saturday, January 13, 2007

goal accomplished (almost)

I have nearly accomplished painting my room, it is yellow, I'm not quite sure I love the color, but it is nice and warm and makes me happy, roommate Kathleen put a damper on my mood though by saying she thought it didn't look good with my already brown wall. I however, must remember that she chose a lavendar bathmat for our bathroom which consists of the colors green, brown, and a kinda mustardy color I think, so I shouldn't take too much stock in her opinion on color.

Betsy made this sweet ass poster type thing on photoshop for our party, it is so sweet, she should do this for a living, check it out. That's me on the left dressed as a rocker, don't I look cool and tough? She also added voice balloons with funny brit slang, such as "it's the dog's bollocks" but I'm afraid someone will come and kill us since it has our address on it, y'all get the jist.

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