Thursday, January 11, 2007

musings on irritation and rejection

There is this really annoying girl in my class, for my program I'm basically with the same students for the whole year, but there is a new girl. She's an artist, so my instructor pointed this out and talked about how he too, likes to draw and scupt. Well, he starts demonstrating how to mix colors, and art girl gets all know-it-all about color theory. I found it to be distracting and not helpful (more confusing) unless we were getting a lecture on color theory, which we were not.

Anywho, I got to see the dude who rejected me last night that I kinda like, who was on the same bill as my roommate's band last night. Ok, technically he didn't right out reject me, I wasn't like "I really like you, you know, in that way" and he said well, I think you suck, it was more like I asked him to do something over the holidays, he said he'd like to but he was busy, I said well let me know when you aren't busy, then he just didn't respond. So I took that as a rejection, whether purposeful, or indifference, doesn't really matter. He seemed pleased to see me last night, so I guess I'll take his rejection as indifference rather than purposeful, which I guess is good, sorta.

We are officially hosting our Mods v Rockers party 2 weeks from tomorrow, should be an excellent time.

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