Wednesday, January 03, 2007

fine then

Okay, my poll was a flop as expected. I conceded to the friday evening party.

Can't help it. . .must bitch about work. Basically I hate nurses, I hate how they don't do what is required of them, then we (myself and other support staff) have to fix their mistakes, and how they continue to make the same mistakes overandoverandoverandoverandover again without repurcussion and despite me asking them overandoverandover again to please not make that mistake anymore. Meanwhile if we support staff make a mistake, we are expected to stop continuing to make the same mistake or face this thing called a consequence.

Our roommate Lance moved in this weekend. He may be a bit more flaming then he admitted to, but other than that he's super friendly and seems to be pretty laid back. We on Pleasant Ave. believe firmly that being laid back is the absolute most desireable quality of a roommate. He has books with dirty pictures of naked men and wants to bring us gals to all the gay hotspots, and Jake too I suppose, though Jake would probably decline. He's going to teach us how and where to club, I can't wait.

Hmmm, despite wanting to lay about doing absolutely nothing last night in recovery from the weekend, I went to my mom's to have a short visit with my sister Romaine, Phil, Teddy and Clara, since they had to change their Christmas plans due to weather. Teddy is a little behind developmentally, but at the age of four? (or is he five?), he's almost making complete sentences, still in diapers though. Clara liked me, she wanted to kiss me. It's funny to see my parents with their grandkids, hugging and kissing, I'm like, since when did you people enjoy showing physical affection? I felt weird hugging my cabbage patch because I'm not sure I even knew what a hug was at the age of 7/8ish.

Just don't think kids are in the cards for me, I fear a saggier rack then I already have, and my rack may very well be my one beauty (other then my magnetic personality, ha! as if that gets me real far), I don't even really have a magnetic personality, although it says so when I read about my zodiac. Although every once in a while I think it might be fun to try my hand at rearing a person, but that's veeery theoretical.

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