Wednesday, January 24, 2007

slowly but surely

We've been successfully eliminating Lance's decor from our walls, and with each piece that comes off the wall I feel a bit lighter. First, the shower curtain over the bathroom window, then the beach towel in the dining room, last night I asked if we could take down the craft fair masks, and he's like "oh sure, I just bought them at the dollar store, no big deal" (like just about everything else he buys) well, then why, for all that is good and right do you keep hanging this ahem, crap on the wall as if hanging random crap is in good taste. Although I feel much better then I did yesterday about the state of our home there is still issues to be addressed, like the weird cartooney/computer drawn animal calendar that he hung in the living room the other night, then asked Betsy and I "did you see that I hung a calendar" to which he received a probably look of distaste from me and a non-enthused "yeah" from Betsy. I wanted to scream, "Please, just stop, I can't take anymore of this, please" until I'm reduced to lying on the floor crying and whimpering my soft, tired pleas. The kicker is that he told Betsy that he wants to be an interior designer. I mean, not to say we don't want to incorporate some of his things, but he went to town filling our walls, so we are merely trying to reclaim a sense of our home, one that includes Lance but is not overtaken by him.

Other than that, and his taking over the spare room to watch movies nonstop (seriously he's in there every night for hours, forget about the rest of us watching a movie, tv or reading for that matter), he's been, all things considered, a good roomate, he seems at ease with us, easy to talk to, but also keeps to himself plenty, clean, willing to share, not extremely annoying, etc.

Despite my best efforts to give the annoying girl in class the cold shoulder, I ended up giving in to a bit of a chat, not altoghether unfriendly, in the locker room after class yesterday. Since she talks constantly during class and therefore shared an anecdote about her friend's ugly wedding cake (with fiberoptics, which I though sounded pretty cool actually), well, she had some photos of it to show us gals, and after seeing the photos I still thought the fiberoptics were kinda neat (it was a poor quality photo so I didn't really see the actual cake. Anyways, I'm probably mostly acting childish, I mean, I still don't particularly like her and I think she was extremely rude to me, but it's also this element of my instructor going on and on about her being an artist, and I kinda want to stamp my foot and be like, but I can draw and paint good too. Then I realize I don't actually want to do that, since I would put more pressure on myself then I already do, and feel like people are judging me more harshly as well, and since I'm not feeling super confident in this class so far, I'll keep my tantrum/envy to myself.

Aren't I just a ray of sunshine and judgement lately, I need sleep/rest/relaxation.

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