Thursday, January 04, 2007

he's queer and he's here

I arrived home from work yesterday to find that Lance had "decorated" and my first thought was sweet jesus. He doesn't quite posess the stereotypical "queer eye" so to speak, his style would be more eclectic and well, haphazard pretty much, basically take any strange/cheesy/random looking object and stick it on the wall. The weird thing is that he just went to town while we were all at work yesterday, I mean, we don't have much for wall decor so I appreciate additions, but perhaps he could consult the other's who live there first. For example, instead of arranging your five or six party masks (kinda like the one's you'd make in elementary school, with feathers and beads and stuff) on the wall directly across my room so that they are the first thing to shock me from my slumber each morning, perhaps they could be hung in our ugly spare room which could handle some kitsch and use some color. He does have a couple of cool items, but some things I'm sorry, they are well, not attractive in my opinion. Some of his own art which is nice, but isn't framed so it's just a painting tacked to the wall. It's all very collegey I guess, and being 27, soon to be 28, I'd like a little more put together apartment, but whatever, what's important is that we all just get along, and that the ugly masks are moved elsewhere. The plastic sun (with a matching moon) was close to hideous til we discovered that with a push of a button it sings "I can see clearly now" or whatever that song is called, the moon is broken unfortunately.

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