Friday, January 05, 2007

picture potpourri

First, the fam..

There's me, my nephew the Tedmeister, and niece Clara (she's a cutie, ain't she). After further reflection, I've concluded that Teddy is in fact, a genius (takes after his auntie S'dizzle I think), note the faroff gaze, the intense train chewing, sure signs of an advanced mind, or a "special" mind, not sure at this point.

Tedmeister reaching for some bubbles, special bubbles you can hold in your hand. Quite fun actually, but they leave an unpleasant residue.

My sister Romaine and Clara. Romaine absolutely abhors having her pic taken, so I felt lucky to snap this, and be able to post it.

There's my mother and baby Noah, he's a chunky one, a bit jowly.

And my sister Noelle with her baby boy, he's a cutie ain't he.

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