Thursday, January 18, 2007

not sure that hate is too strong a word

Yesterday I had a pretty bad day at school, I screwed up, was near tears, then was given constructive criticism on my piping skills, which almost made the tears start flowing (even though my instructor wasn't being harsh at all, I was just frustrated and stressed), then I screwed up again after already being very far behind, then the tears came and I had to just wash dishes. I'm not usually one for breakdowns or public tears, so I was somewhat embarrassed, plus this is the first time I've had this teacher and only the 2nd week of class, I hope he doesn't think I'm a crybaby, I must say he was very understanding and encouraging.

Remember when I mentioned the know-it-all artist girl in my class? Well, she again was babbling on during lecture about her friend's wedding cake and how it was ugly because it had fiberoptics (I was thinking cool, if I get married I would seriously consider having fiberoptics on my cake, totally retro). Anywho, so that was irritating, but she really earned a spot in my bitch book when I was sweeping the floor, granted, I'm not exactly speedy at just about anything I do, I prefer a more relaxed pace, but I was using what little muscle I had to really try to bring up the caked up stuff stuck to the floor, and trying to be thorough. Well, she comes over, snatches the broom from me (at this point I'm just about done sweeping), and says, "Sorry sweetie, this just isn't cutting it for me" I should have grabbed the broom back and broomed her in the ass, but instead I stood there appalled that anyone would behave in such a manner towards me. Then she proceeds to "power broom" which apparently consists of her flailing the broom about, most likely sending dirt everywhere, it was just completely ridiculous. Myself and a few classmates stayed after to finish up various things, she being one of them and she's chatting with the Chef about how she thinks she's not good at cake decorating and how that's why she dropped out of Art school. Ha! she couldn't hack art school, it made me chuckle to myself, thinking about how much praise I got from my profs. Okay, I'm being petty now, but I don't care, I'm tired.

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