Wednesday, January 10, 2007

if that's what you really want

We have been sans internet access for a couple days now. When Sarah left, she took the internet with her, but no worries, we thought, we can just steal it from our neighbors upstairs. After a couple weeks of feeling bad, I asked my housemates if they would be opposed to offering to split the cost with them, actually, I knew that they knew we were using their internet, and I didn't want them to get pissed and password protect it, and of course it seemed the right thing to do. So after knocking, I left them a friendly note offering to pay, this was prior to Christmas. We heard nothing, so we figured perhaps they didn't care that we were stealing their internet and went on our merry way. Then the other night we find that the internet requires a password, hmmm. Then I come home to find a note taped to our door, probably at least 3 weeks after I left them the original note (which was on the other side of the paper). The note explains how they had to put a password on because their internet was crashing a lot due to overusage (I don't know if just us or other surrounding neighbors). Anyways, it went on to say that they would let us in on it and split the cost, after writing "we (underlined 3 times) did pay for the router and modem". I was slightly put off by the tone of the note, especially since we confessed to using their internet, offered to pay, and they could have easily password protected it from the start, or after they knew we were using it. I show the note to Betsy and Kathleen, Kat flips the note over (which has my orginal note) and written along the top is "go to hell". I mean, did we really deserve such harshness? Do we deserve eternal damnation for using their internet for a couple weeks before offering to chip in for the cost? So the three of us sit there and stew over their passive aggressive note, how they could have easily approached us and said no, we don't want you to use it or password protected it, responded to us in any way actually instead of ignoring our note for a good three weeks and then being pissed about it. We came to the conclusion that they just think we are lame, they all go to art school, and we aren't hipster, arty, or poser enough for their taste, we are just plain too geeky to be embraced into their coolness. In the end though, we gave them money for last month and this month, mostly because we don't want to buy a router, plus Mpls is supposedly going wireless in the next few months.

Betsy and I also discussed that we need to approach Lance soon about his decor. We agree that our home makes us depressed and that we'd be embarrassed to have friends over. Lance is so nice though, I don't want to hurt his feelings. We also discussed how nobody cleans our house except for us and how frustrating it is. It's frustrating when I'm cleaning the mess they've left in the kitchen, or washing the "unclaimed" dishes and they're sleeping until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, then leisurely laying around internet surfing, then cooking and making another mess in the kitchen that doesn't get cleaned. Betsy and I are on the same page at least.

Getting back into the swing of things as far as school goes. I have hope for the future, if I turn out to be any good at cake decorating, I can make pretty decent money. I was feeling discouraged for a while that I would be done with school and take a major pay cut. That's if I'm good at cake decorating, after decorating our cakes yesterday I wasn't so sure, but I had a good time trying. I'm very pleased with my teammates, we rocked on Monday, we kicked out those genoise with ease and finesse (it's a tempermental batter). I embarrassed myself by sending out a cloud of powdered sugar when making cake icing by putting the mixer on too high of a speed, there was powdered sugar everywhere, my instructor chuckled at me.

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