Sunday, January 07, 2007


I made an attempt at accomplishing my goal, which failed miserably, almost made me cry and has left me with a headache. To try and be budget concious, Betsy and I trekked to the paintstore to check out their mis-tints, I found a couple colors, decided to try mixing them, ended up with crayola flesh color, and though I didn't get very far before deciding that I abhorred the color I still felt like I wasted my entire Saturday. I'm not deterred however, I'm ready to try again next weekend, and triumph. Our home still looks like a badly decorated college dorm room, I'm not sure how to tactfully tell Lance that we think his things are ugly without hurting his feelings, I'm not good at such things.

I was just thinking last week, I'm sure glad that as old and shitty as my car is, at least it doesn't have exhaust issues, which is embarrassing, and expensive, especially if you get a ticket. Anyways, of course this week I notice my car is a bit louder then usual. Supposedly I have some sort of warranty for my muffler, but my guess is that the shop will somehow absolve themselves of responsibility for that. In any case...I'm trying to decide whether it'd be more worth it to purchase another beater, one that has all windows intact and working door handles instead of investing more money into my beater, of which I'm quite fond, but it may be time to part ways.

Start school again tomorrow, blech, I'm dissapointed at the amount of homework I have doing this culinary thing, I was expecting little to none, not that any of it is difficult really, just time consuming.

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