Friday, May 13, 2005

f-ing whiny bastard

I apologize to Bright Eye's for calling him a whiny bastard multiple times throughout his show last night. I do think his voice has a whiny quality to it, but that is his schtick I suppose, and he's easy on the eyes, so I'm gonna cut him some slack. I probably should apologize to the biz natch who was annoyed by our drunkeness and !gasp! talking during a show, and didn't hold back in letting us know of her annoyance. I'm sorry that someone would be so moronic as to think you are going to go to a show packed full and have everyone listening attentively and not disturbing you.

So another night of getting schlockered, I'm loving it! I'm sad that I couldn't function well enough to stay for Salsa dancing, could have used a little culture after being around all those damn white hipsters.

So my brother gave this "Work No More" cd, well, its a start to a soundtrack for a movie called "Cultivated-a Hip Hop drama" I'm a little surprised that he's encouraging my hip hop habit since he's so annoyed by its "trendiness".

I was pleased with The Faint, kind of depeche-modeish. Digable Planets is coming to first ave next month, who's going with me? Oh, nobody, right, guess I'll have to go by myself...Or Dan might go, and he'd probably pay for me to since we are friends again I guess.

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