Monday, May 09, 2005

today sucks

not that bad, but kind of, actually the next few weeks are going to suck. Computer training at work, so we are going to be short staffed like every day for the month of may. I got all this partylite crap keeping me busy, I would love to work overtime since it's actually being offered but I don't have time.

I dropped my car off this morning to get my oil changed, almost tripped walking through the door and then couldn't speak coherently for some reason. I think the guy at the desk thought it was cute, that's what I'm going with anyways.

I put the infamous wondrous punch into my system this weekend, the result being me very intoxicated since all I had to eat was a small slice of Thai pizza and a roller dog from the SA. Sally and I are reverting back to party mode instead of maturing into the stay at home or at least drink responsibly mode.

I read this, this morning and cracked up though, it made my f-ing day.

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