Thursday, May 05, 2005

I want to be sleeping

I did stay out later than I had planned last night celebrating the anniversary of my birth. But also moron who lives upstairs decides to bring a crew of loud drunk girls to his place at 2 a.m., none of which apparently understood the concept of the possibility of other people sleeping. My room is right by the front door, as well as my window out to the porch, so I hear it when someone goes in or out. I'm generally a light sleeper too so unless I'm really passed out a little noise will wake me. Anyways, they are all laughing and yelling out on the porch, as they come in, and in the hall as they go upstairs, and they can't just go directly upstairs, they have to linger around jabbering and giggling. Needless to say I was pissed and annoyed so I poked my head out and asked him if they could quiet down cuz you know, I have to work and stuff. So he apologizes and they leave to who knows where, then at around 4 a.m. it was the same thing, even though I could hear him shushing them and asking them to be quiet. I totally felt disrespected, I had asked nicely and clearly its just a matter of common decency. Normally it wouldn't bother me if I just had to work and come home, but I have my first partylite party tonight, and I'm feeling a little stressed about it and it will be a long day, I was up late getting stuff ready for it, but was still feeling unprepared.

Other than that, my birthday was excellent. I got my buzz going a little too early though at Chang's with Jenni and Olivia, where great conversation commenced. I didn't pace myself however, so I had a minor headache and not feeling like drinking by the time we got to round two. After Chang's I got my cheesecake and more friends, old and new arrived, so we headed to the old standby, the Red Dragon of course and then to Rudolphs. I felt a lot of love going around, and Carissa, whose birthday it was as well, and I were blessed by wonderful toasts from Olivia. It was all very heart warming, I should have brought my camera.

I'm not feeling as stressed about the party tonight, I have confidence it will be allright.

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