Monday, May 23, 2005

so I didn't disinfect my bike, sue me

I did clean out the trash in my car however, I'm a disgusting messy person when left to my own devices. Oddly though, I have this major paranoia about having dirt on my clothes, or food traces on my fingers, I can't stand it. I'll chalk it up to having an artist mind.

Well, a work and play filled weekend, also consisting of walking down memoray lane! I hung out with Jenny P. friday night and other Owatonnan's, which of course led to reminiscing about the folks back home. I finally got to meet the infamous M.S. as well at where else- the infamous Red Dragon- very exciting, was somehow convinced to drink an infamous woundrous punch. Sat. I had my partylite party for Barb (my stepmom, good show too! I felt slightly uncomfortable but glad I did it), saw some ladies I haven't seen in years including my mom's best friend when I was little who used to babysit me. Got to hear about where all their kids are, who's married, dating, etc. Then proceeded to go through boxes of my old shit that was in my room so that it could be put in storage. You know how that goes, reading notes, cards, seeing little knick knacks that remind you of the days of yore. OMG, I almost forgot to mention that I talked to Dan M., previous crush of at least five years! It was a brief conversation, but I said I'd give him a call if I was in his neck of the woods. By the time I got home I was in quite the lethargic state and was unable to move enough to get myself to Nye's to meet Sally and M.S. I probably would have just gotten drunk and subjected the other patrons to my apparently bad singing.

Church last night was beautiful, and I got to ride on Jenni's new scooter. The sun is shining and it is warm outside...

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